Sunday, January 24, 2010

Capy Birthday To Me, From Me.

I am kind of upset. It was my birthday on January 21st, and my owners *forgot*. How could they do this to me? Don't they love me anymore? I turned four without even knowing it! That Girl feels very bad, and she says she will get me a cake. I guess I should also mention that That Girl has been sick this past week, so maybe that's why she forgot. Don't worry, she doesn't have the piggy flu or capy flu, not there would ever be such a thing as that, but she has been sleeping a lot and there is a very large mountain of Kleenex on her side of the bed.

In other news, my friend Caplin wrote a great post about capys in my homeland! We caps are very special creatures in Japan. In the photo, it looks like Caplin is next to Mini - and maybe it is Mini. He's been missing for a week!

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Caplin Rous said...

That is just so wrong! But I am sure it is because That Girl was sick. Humans can't do much when they feel sick. Is it Mini Caps' birthday too? Where is he? Lost? That is terrible news. Please let us know when he is safely returned home.