Sunday, December 06, 2009



I feel like I have so much to catch up on. But where to start? I found some old photos, maybe I’ll start with those. Yeah!

I’m lucky to be a well-travelled capybara. In the summer of 2008 in between my immigrating from Japan to Canada, The Mister took me on a trip to Singapore. Sometimes That Girl and the Mister don't take me on trips, like to Montreal or Hong Kong. But I'll blowg about that later. On this trip, I got to stay in the Shangri-La hotel. Yeah!

Here’s me testing out the pillows. They were comfy and well poofed for The Mister’s head:

Here’s me tasting the fresh lychee fruit in the room. It was delicious! Us caps, we like fruit!!

Here’s me, weighing myself after I ate all that fruit. I’m a little heavy. But imagine if I was skinny. I wouldn’t be cute at all!

And here's me and Singapore! Hello Singapore!! If I look flat, it’s because this photo was taken right after The Mister took me out of his suitcase.

That's all for now. A big thanks to Caplin Rous for getting me blowgging again!


Melanie said...

Did you go to the night safari at the zoo in Singapore? You can see capybaras there but you can't see them during the day.

The Cap said...

I didn't get to go because The Mister was afraid I would get eaten by a lion. But he said the capybaras were there and very active!